About MCA Recovery

MCA Recovery is an idea that was conceived by a group of individuals who worked in the Merchant Cash Advance (“MCA”) industry. Dissatisfied with the results yielded by traditional collections efforts and litigation, MCA Recovery set out to revolutionize the MCA industry, by creating innovative collections techniques and modifying traditional collections methods and litigation, all specifically targeted to bring about results on a quicker timeframe than that which was previously available to MCA banks and funders.

Our team is comprised of former underwriters and funders who worked for major MCA companies, in addition to our attorneys who have made MCA their primary area of work, focusing nearly exclusively on clients consisting of MCA banks, companies and funders. We use our collective knowledge to conduct extensive due-diligence and forensic research, which enables us to identify assets and attempt to achieve recourse for our clients by targeting these assets.

We currently service MCA banks and companies of all sizes, regardless of the amount of bad and distressed debt, and regardless of the respective size of the defaulted deals. While not every deal is “collectable,” our belief is that no deal should be deemed “uncollectable” because the outstanding balance is too small.

Recognizing that our industry is one with a healthy degree of risk, in addition to our collections services, we also offer our MCA clients consulting services which range from consulting on specific deals prior to funding in order to help mitigate and minimize the risk involved the specific deal, and also consulting to help MCA companies manage their bad debt portfolios.

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