Merchant Cash Advance Collection Services

Merchant Cash Advance Collections


Our collections services are targeted to produce results on a faster pace than that which is typically yielded by traditional collections efforts and litigation:

  • Forensic due diligence, which enables us to trace and identify assets to target.
  • Modified techniques for levying and freezing accounts, resulting in faster settlements and payments.
  • Using legal methods to reroute merchants’ accounts-receivables and accounts-payable to our clients, enabling quicker recovery.
  • Aggressive litigation strategies targeted to freeze assets and accounts on a much quicker pace than traditional litigation.
  • Traditional litigation, proceeding to obtaining judgments, and judgment enforcement.

We recognize that the Merchant Cash Advance industry is fraught with risk, and so at MCA Recovery we offer a range of consulting services for our clients:

  • Consulting on specific deals prior to funding, helping our clients structure their deals to help our clients mitigate risk and minimize exposure.
  • Consulting on funding policies and procedures, sharing our tried and tested methods and practices for mitigating risk with our clients, ensuring that they have minimal exposure.
  • Helping our clients fully understand the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and its impact and role in the MCA industry, further enabling our clients to utilize the UCC as a resource for protecting themselves and minimize risk.

Helping our clients manage their bad debt portfolios.

Contact us at 1-646-774-3308 to learn more.

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